Late Bloomer


Hello Petals, What do you expect to find on here I hear you ask… Well, nothing but good vibes my friends, nothing but good vibes only! I aim to share things with you that have helped to motivate me, boosted my confidence and made me feel great and things I have learnt or still learning should I say through adulthood.

I may occasionally dabble in event postings, places I have enjoyed eating out at and places I have traveled to. Though my sole purpose is for us to share words of encouragement, positivity and thoughts… I hope we all leave here feeling uplifted!

Peace and Love All



2 thoughts on “Late Bloomer

    • flourishingpetal says:

      Hi Alison,
      Thank you very much for passing by. I find yours and Don’s stories inspiring. I love travelling and one day hope to embark on a similar journey, but for now I will continue to enjoy your stories; thank you for sharing them with us.
      Peace and love you both

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