Room For Everyone

Picture a family get together where the person hosting only has a dining table to accommodate four people yet there are seven in total. Somehow, someway, each person is comfortably seated around the dinning table; enough room to put your elbows on the table (which isn’t good table manners btw). I know you’ve definitely experienced this before. Maybe at Grandma’s when the whole family is round. However, at this table there is a small twist, people won’t be tucking in to the mouth-watering feast Grandma is known to create, rather you will all be enjoying the sweet taste of success. 

You see it’s simple, I firmly believe that there truly is room for everyone. If you focus and stay in your own lane and everyone else commits to this too; then you’ll find that in that room filled with everyone you still have space to succeed. 

Nike and Adidas are similar brands, both successful in their own rights. Their industry is filled with a whole range of other competitors, a majority successful too. As much as they are competitors they’ve all focused and stayed in their lanes of maintaing their brand, vision and their niches. The reason they can all co-exist and remain successesful is because they all bring something different to the table. Instead of fretting about whether or not another can steal your thunder, I’d refocus that energy towards being/doing my damn best.

Without new ideas and ways of doing things how else would you better yourself or ensure that you’re giving it all that you’ve got? Competition is certainly healthy. Embrace that feeling it gives you, may it fuel you to go and do great things. Let it be your constant reminder to never sleep on the job, and do not take your success for granted. Rather allow it to motivate you when you’re low on energy. 

So whatever it is you’re persuing, don’t give up. Stay focused and be sure to stay in your lane. Afterall the table of success makes better company when there are others to share it with. 


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