Silence is Golden

Have you ever regretted saying something, and wished that you had never said it ? Yep, thought so, me too! 

Life and adulting has really showed me that sometimes silence can be indeed golden. 

Here’s why. 

Silence protects you from blurting out in-the-moment feelings. I have learnt that by being silent it has helped me to prevent causing any offence or saying something that may be misconstrued, especially when engaging in heated discussions and arguments. To be honest to do this requires a lot of self-constraint and consciousness. You’ve really got to learn to pause, take a deep breath and think about your rebutle. And if what you’re thinking to say doesn’t sound right in your head and has potential to offend when that is not the intention, my friend purse those lips and keep schtum. 

Or when words are simply not enough to express your gratitude, the silence that comes with your beaming smile surprisingly speaks a thousand words.

Sometimes, you may find that you do not have anything meaningful to say, which is absolutely fine. Instead of filing people’s ears with useless babble, use this golden opportunity to observe and learn. 

 I have often found silence to be a great comforter. Especially when having to consoul someone. The silence found in the warm embrace of a hug or a hand hold can prove to be far more significant than saying ‘my condolences’.

Or just sometimes our role in the conversation is to listen. I mean really listen! Not fade in and out, but to truly hear what the other person is saying that you feel the words that they are speaking. 

Here’s to embracing the moments of silence!


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