Zip It Up

I’ve had this post in my drafts for a few days now, but I just haven’t had the chance to finish it and tidy it up. But I feel that this topic is the theme of the week. Therefore, I’ve been inspired to finish writing and get sharing. 

It’s unfortunate to say that announcing your plans prematurely can actually prove to be detrimental to the progression of those plans. My reasoning is as simple as two points. 

As much as it’s great to share and speak things into exsistence, it’s very important to be wary about who you share your plans with. There are a number of things that I personally think should be kept private, until it happens atleast. This is because jealousy is real and it’s a powerful thing. It can lead people to do some things deemed out of their character causing all sorts of havoc. Have you ever told someone, a friend or an acquaintance of your plans? Everything is looking upwards and then all of a sudden, just like that, nothing. Over the years it’s become very evident to me that not everybody who appears to be rooting for you is actually for you. Some may only want you to succeed within reason, never wanting you to surpass them. 

Another thing I have noticed about the premature announcement of plans is that there has been times when I have shared with every and anyone who would listen. Literally telling it all, what I’m up to, aiming to achieve, sharing all the granular details; afterwards I’ve ended up feeling less motivated. It is as if the positive responses and reactions to what I said I was going to do is enough satisfaction that I no longer need to carry out the plan and achieve the goal. I have personally witnessed and experienced that the sense of premature completeness is equally as detrimental as the green eyed monster is to your plans, because it causes you to be the enemy of your achievements. 

The morale to be taken here is not to talk too much or make premature announcements. Personally I’ve learnt to keep it schtum, commit my plans to God.

Whatever the case is I pray that anyone in our lives who is disguised as a friend hoping for our downfall is removed and that we are protected from them! And we never fall into the illusion of premature completeness! 


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